Thursday, May 20, 2010

Monster Bashes!

So I made an animation for FableVision's "Creative Juices" art show and wanted to post it up here. Only problem is it was made to be played on three screens simultaneously to the beat of a song called "Garden Party" by this FANTASTIC artist group Blarsa. You all should check these guys out. They have some great stuff!

So the version I'm putting up here is a combined version of the three into one. Which I kind of like, but I'll try to get the video of my piece playing on three screens up, though I have to hunt down the person that made that video. Haha! And another note....this version looks kind of crappy, so I'll try to get a better vid up soon.

Updates to come!


Carter Malouf said...

Love it!!!

D:Monsterberger said...

THIS MADE ME SO HAPPY! Thank you! Anglerfish is my FAAAAAV! <3