Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Old storys haunting me

So I've been trying to do more art and blog posts for some time now. I find other things are just so much more fun than drawing now. And that thought some what disturbs me. Maybe it's because I draw all day and come home and don't want to do anything else art related. Am I getting burnt out? How can I be burnt out on art?! I remember being so full of love for drawing characters and illustrating the stories I used to make up as a kid. And as luck would have it, one of my favorite stories popped into head again, haunting me. And almost immediately I started visualizing scenes of it in my head. Fleshing out the characters and setting up the background stories and personalities are my most favorite thing to do. THE most favorite things of all things. I can see that now...

And then I felt it again...inspiration.....hahaha I've realized it's been soooo long since I felt inspired to draw. I can't do art for art's sake alone. I NEED a story.

Every spare moment I had today, I was drawing one of my characters from that story. It was soooo good to feel that again. Illustrating stories was the reason I began to love drawing. To forget my artistic foundation is folly. And so I take another step toward understanding myself more as an artist.

Here is a quick color sketch of one of my favorite characters. She's one of the villians....obviously. So here ya go:

I realized I never gave her a name. But oh well!

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