Monday, March 31, 2008

Welp, I'm a little scared about what's to come. It looms in the near future. Distantly I hear it's ominious music growing in crescendo as I approach it. daaaaaadaadadadadaaaaaaaaaaDAAAADADADAAAAAAAA DADADAAAAAAAA!!! SENIOR OOOOOOOONE SEEEEEEENIIOOORR OOOOOOOOOOOOOOOONE!!! senior one!

Gasp! It's here! I have Senior 1 this quarter and 2D effects at the same time! I'm just asking to die, aren't I?

Well now that I've split my emotional stress upon the vast empty space of people who waste their precious time in life on reading my... brrrrAAND new BLOOOOOG!! Blogs...pssht. What a waste of space on the net for selfish do nothings. Really who cares about them? If only there were a way to have a meaningful presence in the boring world of blogs....hmmm. I must think of a way to not become a part of the boring self interested internet diarys of the blogosphere. I mean it's not like I can have NO BLOG. Who the hell doesn't have a blog, jeez! I'll think about this further. But until I find the answer, AWAY!

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