Wednesday, June 4, 2008

where to go...for the rest of my LIFE

Mom's moving out. Me and my brother Caleb will be the only ones living in our big family house. Mom's just up and moving out to join my Dad in Wyoming. Which is fine, I guess. But there's no real reason for me to stay in Harrisburg, IL now. It's kind of strange being here. I'm usually in school in Georgia but there's always a home to come to. Now it's not really the same thing. So I'm thinking about where I should go next. This summer is my last real "summer vacation" before I have to start working and being a true "grown-up". So I figure since this is my last chance at being irresponsible, and my parents are off to do their own thing, this is my chance to go and see the world or whatever I can. I've really been feeling like I've needed to go on some kind of journey this summer, even before I knew about my mom moving away. But more importantly I've been thinking about where I should go to stay and live and get a job. I can't stay in po-dunk Harrisburg if I want to get a job in animation. Any suggestions?

I've been to Boston and it was a really great city from what I experienced of it. I also have several friends who live in the area. So that is major possibility. I also will probably go to California since that's where most of the animation jobs are. There's a place in Atlanta that really liked my work, but I really can't stand Georgia anymore... So possibilities are endless...somewhat.

(The picture is a doodle in photoshop. I was feeling a little down about my situation, but I know that I've got to try and look at the bright side of things.)

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