Saturday, October 11, 2008

SEQ 3,4,5

These are the new sequences. Slowly but surely they're coming together.

SEQ 3 - This one came out really well. The only thing I'm worried about is the part where we see the body of jinx for the first time running across the screen and his height takes his head out of view. I feel like that may be somewhat awkward. What do you think?

SEQ 4 - This one is just going to be a still shot, as of right now. If I end up having time, I'll go back and animate it. However, I was having trouble giving it a "living line" like I wanted to. The style that I'm doing is giving a wild living line to anything that's still. As I animated this sequence, the line started to morph the shape of the bag. It was a little too much living! So I opted to just leave it a background still because the time it'll take to really match up the line the way I'd need to is some what unnecessary right now. So on to the next SEQ!

SEQ 5 - This one is good I think. However, I'd like to go back in later and give the Jinx some more ferocity.

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