Sunday, October 26, 2008

SEQ 6,7,8

Sorry I've been really into my work and haven't posted in a while. So let me make up for it by slamming down ANOTHER three headed monster video post.

This sequence came out pretty well I think. I'll probably tweek some more later for some of the movement and areas that look a little sticky.


This actually came out better than I expected. I thought that the simplistic smoke would give me some trouble, but I plowed through it in much less time than I had antecipated. So you can imagine how a danced a jig at it's completion. ONE MORE TO GO!


This one is the last! Finally I'm done with line! I came out as I expected. So I'm pleased with it.


Well I'll piecing these cuts together and posting that up soon and also starting on color. Dan is working on SEQ 2 right now and I'm just about done with coloring SEQ 3. Those'll go up as soon as I'm finished with those as well.

Tell me what you all think so far.

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