Saturday, January 17, 2009

New Classes Last Quater

I'm almost out of here folks! Savannah College of Art and Design is almost done with me, and I with it. I have made a difficult decision that I immediately did NOT regret. I took a class called 2D Character 2 over a 3D one that I was wishing to take to alleviate my lack of 3D experience. But my heart lies in the 2 dimension...I cannot sway it for better reason, NO MATTER HOW I somewhat consider it...hahaha. The teacher, John Webber, is amazing! I'm learning soooo much more than I would've in the other class. So here's a little taste of my up and coming greatness. Enjoy.

This is EXTREMELY rough. The mouth has yet to be synced properly and the movement still needs a lot of work, but the pants make me giggle. Hopefully it'll make you all smile too. Please comment if you have any suggestions.

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