Tuesday, June 9, 2009

Radical Axis Internship

Well jeez...I haven't blogged in a while but this is what I've been up to.

-Finished College
-Living in Atlanta
-Internship with Radical Axis

Life's been busy but MAN has it been a trip. I've always enjoyed watching Squidbillies on Adultswim, but now I'm ANIMATING it! I'm in the business now...kind of. I'm just an intern but that's how it starts for a lot of us. I didn't realize until recently how close I was to not getting the internship. Radical Axis was originally only going to have one intern. But somehow I was held on par with Adam Toews, the other intern I'm here with. He's an amazing animator and a great person. They couldn't decide between us so they took us both on. Also one of my friends Jane (AKA Yevgeniya Andriyevskaya) was trying out for the same position and by a strange misunderstanding didn't get it, though I would think her more talented than me as well. Seems like someone's looking out for me. Or maybe I'm better than realize?

But anywho, Radical Axis is full of people who are majorly talented. But the best part is, they're not just talented, they're GREAT people! They all have spectacular senses of humor and each individual gives something different to the group. I only wish I could've had more time to enjoy all their company. But alas, I'm off to another internship up north in Massachussetts right after this one with a Studio called Fable Vision. I really love Boston. And the Red Soxs! I can't wait to hang out with old friends up there and make new ones. But also to have a new animation expirience with this very different company. So I'll leave you all with a little piece of the show I've been taking apart of "Squidbillies", and know that I have not personally animated any of the shots you see here but on June 21st (mark it down in your calenders!) at midnight, Adultswim will be showing episode 47 "Big Gay Throwdown", which I DID work on! I'm sooooo excited!! I can't WAIT! Well here ya go.

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