Friday, October 2, 2009

WTD: Pelagic

something pertaining to the open sea, or the fish inhabiting the upper layers of the ocean.

So I didn't really know how best to put it and seemed fond of the idea of a boy's love for the sea. So we have a little guy in his make sift boat with a conch shell stuffed with chocolates and a rose and adorned with a candy necklace as a gift for his love as he sets off to greet her. Quite an adventure indeed. Mostly I wanted something that I could practice my painting and coloring skill on. I still need a lot of practice as far as I'm concerned but this was a pretty spectacular outcome for me.

You can see this piece featured on Creative Juices since it was created for the latest What the Doodle. Hope you all enjoy it and check out the other entries for this WTD, they're all really great.

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