Tuesday, January 19, 2010

New Hair Cut?

So I figured I should put SOMETHING on here, since I haven't in such a long time. And I thought I'll put something about my new hair cut, aaaand I'll draw something about it. Well long story short, it turned into a silly little comic of me as a kind of midget, bespectacled Sasquatch that gives hair to a gender ambiguous child. So yes, I'm donating my hair and don't really know why this turned out so strangely but yes! Also, for some reason I keep thinking of my hair going to a little girl who wants to look like a long haired princess. Which is one of the reasons why I grew it out so long, so that the little girl who got it would have long hair too. As a girl myself, I remember feeling good to have long hair, like a pretty princess. So I'm glad I can possibly help another little girl feel better about herself, too. So if you have long hair and are thinking about a hair cut you should check out Locks of Love, where you can see if your hair could be used for something greater than trash can filler. Donate today!

1 comment:

Robyn Haley said...

You may have even fulfilled some little boy's dream to be a pretty pretty princess.